Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Man Vs. B's Monster Turkey Burger

Hey Loves! An Earthquake and then Hurricane Irene all in the same week! My oh my. What is the world coming to?!? Those things don't usually happen here on the east coast but all and all we survived. The past two weeks have been crazy busy for me. I know Irene caused lots of people to be stuck in the house all weekend and if I were home I probably would have been cooking, watching movies, having drinks, playing cards and just hanging with the hubby. Wait, we do that on days when there isn't a state of emergency lol. Well luckily Bryan and I  left for Miami just in time to miss Irene! The weather in Miami was beautiful. We did get a sprinkle of rain one day or two days but that's Miami for you. Besides those showers didn't last that long anyway. Before we knew it, it was Bright and Sunny again. I know. I know. Maybe I am rubbing it in, but hey, if you had the option, I am sure you would trade Hurricane Irene for Sunny MIAMI in a heartbeat!

Before departing for Miami, Bryan decided he wanted to be on a episode of "Man Vs. Food". Now we have watched countless episodes of "Man Vs. Food." We've seen Adam Richman take on several challenges. He tends to consume 6 to 10 pounds of food in one sitting. Now Bryan is not THAT insane to try something like that lol but these Monster Turkey Burgers he made, were pretty GInormous compared to your regular size burger you would get at a burger joint. B's Monster Burger consist of two JUICY ground turkey patties, MELTY Smoked Gouda cheese, Fried Egg, CRISPY maple bacon, Sauteed peppers and onions, Crunchy Jalapenos for a little kick, Crisp green lettuce, topped with a CREAMY Honey Dijon Mustard all served on a TOASTY Ciabatta Roll.  So Many tasty ingredients all on one roll. Is Bryan up for the Challenge?





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